Reason #1

Customer success through IT

HPE is on a journey to delivering everything-as-a-service to customers. At the centre of that journey is experience. In partnership with HPE, organizations can speed innovation,de-risk processes, and scale operations to match evolving business requirements.

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“We believe there is a strong need for enterprise IT organizations to focus on obtaining value from the products and services deployed and moving beyond the traditional focus of troubleshooting and problem resolution. But this would require a new approach to services and support.”

Daniel Newman
Principal Analyst, Futurum Research

Reason #2

Growth acceleration

Digital transformation can be daunting for customers. Concerns about operational complexity, lack of internal capabilities and insufficient resources are your opportunity to sell HPE Services. Increase your revenue without requiring large upfront investments.

Deloitte on Aftermarket Services

Services are a critical driver for stabilizing the business and help ensure more constant revenue flows during times of economic slowdown and global crises.

Source: Rise of Aftermarket Services, Deloitte Insights

Reason #3

A sale is just the beginning, not the end

Take a long-term view of the customer’s journey throughout the infrastructure lifecycle versus point in time view. It will result in faster sales and increased growth, and long-term shared success.


Reason #4

More for more with HPE Services

HPE Partner Ready for Services offers one of the richest, most inclusive service programs in the industry for solution providers. It is designed to help extend your reach, enhance your capabilities, and deepen relationships through the customer’s IT lifecycle.

And for those interested to take it further, HPE Partner Ready Delivery (PRD) presents the perfect opportunity to earn even greater margins on the HPE Services that you’ve sold.
The “Partner Sell, Partner Deliver” model allows you to leverage HPE intellectual property and offers end-to-end customer management to complete the lifecycle. It keeps you in the forefront with the customer, helps identify new business leads, and is truly a “win-win” scenario.

Reason #5

Digital, data-driven, and modern customer experiences

HPE Services is redefining IT support services with a customer-focused, global technology services experience that provides a faster time to resolution by accelerating access to the resources and specialized expertise your customers need.

“The HPE digital experience is modern and intuitive to use. The new case management system and knowledge suggestions on the customer engagement platform are going to help us get to a resolution faster. We are excited about this platform, and we look forward to the new capabilities coming in future releases.”

Gerry Bravo
Systems Engineer, Enloe Medical Center

Experience is the new battleground

Take advantage of unparalleled support experience from HPE and simplify support with one service provider for your customers’ entire multivendor environment.

Get more from IT with an AI-powered and digitally-enabled service that drives customers’ business forward.

Modular, edge-to-cloud IT environment service that provides a holistic approach to optimizing customers’ entire IT environment and delivers targeted business outcomes.

Predefined and custom services delivering technology outcomes and helping customers get the most from their IT at every stage of its lifecycle

"Most customers still have reactive support, which may lead to expensive preventable downtime. With all the data and AI capabilities in support offerings today, customers may not only eliminate downtime, but also optimize systems to get the most out of their technology investments.”

Rob Brothers
Program Vice President for Datacenter and support services, IDC

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